Трансмисионен подемник 1000 кг - двустъпален; RP-TOOLS RP-TI-GH1T

2 550,00 лв. 1 990,00 лв.
  • Марка: RP-TOOLS - Австрия
  • Кат. номер: RP-TI-GH1T
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Продуктът е успешно добавен в количката
Трансмисионен нископрофилен двустъпален подемник  (подемник за скоростни кутии ) с регулируема глава (платформа) и товароподемност  1000 кг; RP-TOOLS RP-TI-GH1T


Технически характеристики:

Регулируема платформа / глава
Двустепенен телескопичен хидравличен цилиндър
Управление с крачен педал
Усилени колела с функция за заключване на две от тях
Максимална височина на повдигане: 1930 мм
Минимална височина: 890 мм
Широчина на шасито: 11170 х 1170 мм
Товароподемност: 1000 кг (1 тон)


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Подробно описание

Product details
Gearbox lifter, one ton, heavy version, engine lifter, hydraulic idler

The RP-TOOLS gear lifter is a premium quality, manually operated gearbox lifter with a fully chromed telescopic piston rod for added convenience protection of external influences and rust damage. The device helps you with the removal and installation of heavy machine parts such as gearbox, differential,... as well as for support of the landing gear, tank, engine, exhaust,... etc. Act like a third hand, just put on the desired part and bring it into the desired position, now you can do the part without attach or position many problems.

The support plate is slightly height adjustable by means of a ball-bearing adjusting screw. In addition, the carrier plate can be adjusted longitudinally by means of a further adjusting screw. In order to lift loads or to install machine parts, a wide variety of mounting materials are supplied:

  • 2 x adjustable angle iron
  • 2 x wedge attachments adjustable
  • 2 x security chains
  • 2 x clamping and holding screws

The base plate can be used directly with a rubber block for lifting or holding even without mounting structure. Discharge is precisely and infinitely variable with the help of the manual foot pedal. The chassis with four steel castors and the large handle allows easy positioning at a suitable location. Ideal for professional and small workshops.

  • Fork in special design
  • Fully chromed piston rod
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Lift and lower with foot pedal
  • Chassis 1170 x 1170 mm with four wheels
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Good material and workmanship

Height incl. crest max. (mm) 1930
Loading height max. (mm) 1830
Loading height min. (mm ) 890
Width stand (mm) 1170
Load capacity (t) 1
Weight (kg)
Product weight 60
Shipping weight 65

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